Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Heart Coffee Table Books

The first time I checked out a coffee table book from the library I was sweating the thought of security stopping me at the door. Was I dreaming? They were seriously letting me borrow this beauty, without paying for it? 

Now I don't panic while strolling out those double doors, but I'm forever awestruck at the artistry and knowledge the library lends us. 

The library caters to your interests, and carries the classics as well as modern marvels. My hubby loves photobiographies, including this and this. He's thrilled when I remember to bring home a Sports Illustrated coffee table book, especially this one. But he also loves this and this, and even this.

Have you shopped coffee table books lately? To bring home several new books for our living room every few weeks is priceless. Enjoy fashion? How about Chanel, or Vogue for inspiration. 

My children are exposed to new ideas, artists, the wonders of our world, even the great beyond. National Geographic coffee table books also make a gorgeous gift because you'll carry those images in your heart long after you've returned the book.

You won't believe they let you walk out with Picasso.  Take two deep breaths, kiss both your ears and thank the library fairy. His name is Ben Franklin. Love art? Don't miss this and this.

If your library carries more than one book by Stanley Greenberg, do yourself a favor and check them all out.

Dorothea Lange schooled my family on the Great Depression, The Dust Bowl, and the Japanese internment camps with her photographs in a way reading could not.

The travel coffee table books take me there when my wallet can't. I share my pillow with Versailles and Galapagos because I'm bi-hemispheric and have absolutely no shame in admitting this. Oh, and this one, too.

The dynamic duo of Maya Angelou and Jean-Michel Basquiat is our current favorite. What will you put on your coffee table from the library this week?

xoxo Michele


Karen L R said...

Funny, I just read about Pilgrimage on another blog this morning. What a beauty. I guess I will go in search of it next time I'm at the library!

Michele said...

Annie's books are works of art, and I can't believe we can bring them home with just a swipe of our library card. I know, I'm a nut! ;)

Hope you find it at your library, Karen! The "No Small Matter" is amazing as well.

xoxo michele

I am LOVD said...

I heart them, too! I have several cocktail table books but my favorite is this ginormous over-sized book with pictures of the 100 most wonderful places in the world.