Monday, January 23, 2012

Young James Bond

Nick dreams of playing for Coach Pete someday. But at night, when he climbs into bed and opens this book series, he is Bond. Young James Bond.

This boy is going places - sometimes without ever leaving his bed.

What adventure will the library take you on today? 

xoxo Michele


I am LOVD said...

This would be so great (and G-rated) for my son!!!! I'll have to check this out, fast!

Michele said...

He is loving this series, Lilly. I haven't read it, so I can't personally vouch for it, be he is ready for bed at 8 pm. How awesome is that?

Sheila said...

My boys loved these books! Michelle stop by on Friday and link up in my Meals 4 Sharing link up!

Jennie@gotmyreservations said...

Bond. James Bond. Enough said.