Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Slaying The Fever Dragon

I haven't felt well since New Year's Eve. A low grade fever dragon has blown into my life; apparently it has unpacked a suitcase and decided to stay for awhile. So please forgive my absence as I slay the dragon with rest and more rest.

Of course I'm still reading; a little bit of this - which prompted me to want to re-read thisOh, and I'm thoroughly enjoying this after reading these

Hope to be back to normal by this weekend.

xoxo Michele 


eggthoughts said...

Hey there! So sorry you are sick... I too have started the new year out not feeling well! Ugh!

I just wanted to say, I read Still Alice over Christmas and loved it, thanks for recommending it! In my work as a caregiver I have encountered and learned a lot about dementia, so it was really interesting that the story was from HER point of view.

Hope you feel better soon! ~Frances

Natalie T. said...

Oh no! Feel batter and happy reading!

sheila @E2gather said...

Oh shoot I hope you feel better soon. ; (

{darlene} said...

feel better, sweet girl.
sick, right there with ya. yuk.

Pam said...

I hope you kick that fever dragon's butt.

I'd like to know your thoughts on the Barbarian Nurseries. I'll hold off my comments until you have finished reading it.

I am LOVD said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're under the weather as of late. I just had my fingers on Catcher in the Rye this morning! Sometimes if I'm feeling like I want to catch up on reading, I'll fake illness on the weekends - shhh!

I vented some steam today on my post. It was necessary to put things back in perspective. Feel better soon!

Jennie@gotmyreservations said...

I hope you are feeling better. This croup thing that is going around is vicious!

My only consolation is that I KNOW I didn't give it to you digitally. Unfortunately, since I DID go back to school at least one day too early, I may have given it to the three students who were out sick today.

Or maybe they were just playing hookey cause it's Friday and "nothing" happens at school on Fridays anyway, right?