Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Candles

Children are little candles, good deeds in a weary world. So are libraries. They carry my favorite books that introduce Shakespeare to young children. They also carry one of my favorite teacher/authors, Rafe Esquith.

Rafe uses Shakespeare to light the fire in the children that he influences, and if you're a parent, so should you. Start at the library, and watch your little candle's passion for the classics ignite into a flame of knowledge.

Which Shakespeare classics are your favorite?

xoxo Michele


Michele said...

This is now on my list for our next visit to the library!
Thanks for all the great suggestions!

I am LOVD said...

You need a link on this site that directs me to my library...it would make it so much more easier on me while I request all the books you introduce me to!!!

Michele said...

You are so welcome, Michele! I feel that Rafe's books are must reads for all parents - he inspires so many great ideas for us at home.

Lilly - I will see what I can do - that is my dream... for all viewers to type in their zip code and be linked directly to their local library system.