Monday, January 9, 2012

Hideously Balanced

Oh how I heart this book. Very rarely do I imagine there could be people out there that aren't in love with books (and the library) the way I am. I'm quite self-centered that way. Sorry. But this book helps break it down for me.

Warts! Now we are talking her language.

The entire book is this hideously awesome. I promise. And when you add the movie and cd and cookbook...well now you are just down and dirty ogreish.

This beautifully heinous material is available for those of us that have found the magic of the library, and those that are still searching (don't give up).

xoxo Michele

An extra treat!


I am LOVD said...

How hideously awful and disgusting. I can't wait to reserve my copy today!!!!

NA said...

Loved, this post, putting all thie links of to CML at the bottom for people at access the content makes this post really useful.

Michele said...

You'll be fabulously freaked when you get them, Lilly! My daughter and I do the dishes and sing "I Know It's Today" together - that song is very addictive, watch out! ;)

NA - thank you so much for the encouragement. I add links to the Charlotte Meck Library in each post, hoping that some of my readers are nearby and can instantly access our great library system. Couldn't manage without it. ;)

xoxo michele