Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reindeer {And Family Dinner} Games

The weather outside might be frightfully spring-like here in North Carolina, but our kitchen has been transformed into Santa's bakery. We followed the Rudolph Noses recipe over at my friend Sheila's amazing blog, Eat2Gather, and have been handing out these sweet treats to teachers, friends and neighbors - even our local librarians. 

The green-nosed reindeer above was created by the precious 3-year-old that I watch during the week. You've heard of Rudolph, but are you familiar with Dudolph, Rudy's rockstar brother? Well now you're in the know.  

And when we aren't creating new reindeer, we are playing games and reading books from the library while enjoying meals prepared from this cookbook:

Written by Laurie David (Larry David's ex-wife), it is so much more than a cookbook. On page 166 you'll be greeted by my favorite chapter - Read Around The Table. The library has made this gaming gala possible for our family.

How has the library helped you creatively connect with your children around the table?

xoxo Michele