Friday, December 9, 2011

Every Teenager Is A Library

Have you encouraged a teenager to share their talents lately? Have you reminded them what a gift they are to the world? My sweet bloggy friend Amy has invited me to hang out over on her blog today and talk about how teens are like the library. I've even included 

Sometimes we forget what an invaluable resource teenagers are of ideas, inspiration and information, not to mention their enviable energy. Like the library, they are a collection of beauty this world is in 
need of borrowing.

Thank you, Amy, for highlighting and encouraging the importance of teenagers in service. Your focus and passion on serving - at any age - is exhilarating.

Photography Sources: Photographs of the gorgeous teenage girls were taken by the brilliant photographer, Megan Britt. You can find more of her inspiring, artistic portraits at The rockstar library volunteer is courtesy of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

This post would not be possible without the inspiration of Beth and her amazing insight into teenagers: she is my hero in real life, every day.

xoxo Michele