Sunday, December 4, 2011

{Gratuitous} Girls On The Run

Arielle ran her first 5K on Saturday, and to say I'm proud of her is a colossal understatement. 

I've never ran anywhere, including that same afternoon when I thought the house was burning down. I may or may not have put a roast in the oven on broil and then drove my hubby and boys down to meet their scout troop for the parade and then couldn't get back home due to all the roads being closed for said parade. (Don't worry - the house and the roast survived).

Girls On The Run isn't really about running. It's about girls supporting and sharing with one another healthy life choices for their body, mind and spirit. The coaches provide a safe place for my daughter to discuss issues like body image, peer pressure and community outreach

The library isn't really about reading. It's about we the people supporting and sharing ideas from antiquity to present. The librarians provide a safe place for all citizens to gain access to knowledge regardless of age, income or social status. It's a place to nurture ideas, empower creativity and connect with your community. To say I'm proud of the library is also a colossal understatement. I'm profoundly grateful.  

xoxo Michele