Monday, November 14, 2011

Cookbook Crushes {Day 02}: Breakfast of Champions, Or Was That Chimpanzees

Breakfasts can be beauty you look forward to, even on Monday mornings. We bring our trusty boombox into the kitchen and make it a party. Save the OMG Pancakes for a Saturday morning when you have plenty of time to spend creating with the kids. The one collection I'm currently crushing on is Bubby's Brunch Cookbook. And the Love Actually soundtrack. Completely swooning. You'll feel like you're in New York City. Or maybe I'm just really good at pretending.

This seven day series was inspired by Rosie, a local librarian, and it started here.

Don't forget to enter my Summit Coffee giveaway here. Just comment once so it's fair for everyone - but you can comment each day - love hearing from all of you daily. The winner will be chosen by on Thursday evening. I'll be featuring another giveaway on Wednesday.

What breakfast pairing would you pick up from your library today?

xoxo Michele