Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cookbook Crushes {Day 01}: Fan Favorites And A Giveaway

Welcome to our first day of Cookbook Crushes - I'm so glad we can share this nourishing love affair by borrowing beauty from the library. This seven day series was inspired by Rosie, a local librarian whom I adore. 

Y'all spoke and I listened. I Am LOVD and Pam adore the Barefoot Contessa.

Ina Garten. She inspires with her stylish simplicity and a smile as bright as the sun. She loves listening to Cesaria Evora, and you can find her at your local library along with Ina's cookbooks. 

Bringing home celebrity chefs and some new music from the library helps me to feel less alone in the kitchen, like I'm surrounded by friends that are cheering me on. When my mind says not again, their heart-filled words say yes and amen.

Where do you start? Mark Bittman says start at your local farmer's market. Or the produce section at your grocery store. I know LeslieP will agree.

When I picked up Yotam Ottolenghi's cookbook from the library, I almost cried. It's a work of art. You'll feel full just looking at the photographs. Inspiring, and when I paired it with the Zac Brown Band, there were real tears of joy. A great gift for Christmas, for those of you already shopping. Thank you, Mark Bittman, for recommending this talented young chef.

Jennie and so many of you heart Julia Child. As a mom, I'm blessed to bring her books home from the library and introduce JuJu to my children. When we were visiting Washington DC earlier this year, we spent some time in her "kitchen" at the Smithsonian Museum - it was magical. Pair her with Tony Bennett: Duets II and make delicious family memories in your kitchen today.

Jessica and I heart Nigella Lawson. I've gushed about her beauty here and here. She dazzles with her cooking confidence and I'm hypnotized into following her lead, especially when paired with Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue. What a duo. And Nigella is a reader. You can see what's on her bookshelf here. I hope you'll look for her this week at your library, Shelly.

A Grand Giveaway. The goal of this seven day series is to inspire us (me) to spend more time in the kitchen making fabulous food for and with our family. So I thought about crushes that entice me to want to spend time in my kitchen. Coffee is at the top of the list. 

We are so fortunate to have Summit Coffee here in Davidson. And like the library, they share in big ways with our community. So I'll be giving away several rockin' blends of Summit java along with a few of their fabulous mugs and Organic t-shirt. 

To enter, just leave a comment on which cookbook and cd you're tempted to pick up this week from the library. Please comment only once so that when I have do the tally it's fair. There will be more giveaways this week, so please visit each and every day! 

Good news: our dog will not be part of the giveaway.

My other crush. He came home Tuesday from a three week boot-camp (I'm still praying for you, Edie) and he is a model four-legged family member now. No barking, pulling or jumping up to eat food off the table and kitchen counter. We have been spending every possible moment in the backyard playing fetch and he doesn't run away. Or bark at passing joggers. Or squirrels. Or clouds. Super dreamy dog, I have fallen in love with you all over again.

This week is my kitchen boot-camp, and I'm thrilled we are doing this together with the library as our primary source of inspiration. Monday's post will feature my favorite breakfast cookbook crushes and music worth getting up for. Merrick, I have fabulous lunch cookbook crushes lined up for Tuesday.

You can find more inspiration here, along with my absolute favorite from Natalie. And I've been inspired by this talented friend for our Thanksgiving dinner this year. Will the crushes never cease?

xoxo Michele