Thursday, November 10, 2011

Countless Crushes

Do you know who and I have a crush on? Ed Emberley. And children. And their cute little fingerprints. I see homemade Christmas cards in our future.

This book can make any day brighter - and you can find it as well as other great art books by Emberley at your local library.  Speaking of crushes...

Big Announcement

So a few days ago while checking books out at the library, one of our sweet town librarians, Rosie, recommended doing a feature on cookbooks. As she was talking about Southern Living and Cooking Light and Sandra Lee my mouth started drooling. Cookbook Crushes. We are so going to do an entire absolute week on our favorite cookbooks, pairing them with music and having some tempting giveaways. It may even inspire me to go beyond reading them and actually, well, cook. How about you? Hope you'll join us next week for

I'm still tweaking the logo - but the fun has already begun (in my mind). Don't hesitate to leave your fave cookbooks in the comments and I'll do my best to feature them with a mention of your thoughtfulness. 

xoxo Michele