Monday, November 7, 2011

Planting Hope

Last week, Brunella introduced me to a small (less than 40 pages) but timeless book, The Man Who Planted Trees. I immediately put it on hold at our library and was able to pick it up Saturday morning.

Although it is a beautiful work of fiction, this treasure is something I can read again and again with my children.  A simple man leading a quiet, frugal life but doing a deeply meaningful work that future generations will reap the benefits.

In some ways I see it as an affirmation to my reading with my children. Thirty minutes a day may not seem like much (as much as two hours on some days, but the average is probably closer to half an hour). But over their lives it can add up to fruitful harvest. Sometimes the simplest things can have the deepest meaning. Planting hope - that is what reading means to me.

Thank you, Brunella, for posting on such a legendary work of storytelling. It will become one of our permanent home collections. I have been inspired by your beautiful blog and am thankful that although we live so far away, we share a joyful connection through a love of reading, especially with our children.

Your local library has this great read. They specialize in quietly planting the seeds of knowledge, and our family is grateful for their meaningful work.  

xoxo Michele