Friday, November 4, 2011

Odyssey Of The Mind

Does your child participate in Odyssey Of The Mind? I mention this because I'm skipping all the way to our children's school in a few short hours to help assistant coach a new year of amazing, creative, talented young minds that inspire me each and every week. I might even whistle while I skip right on over there, they motivate me so much.

What does this have to do with the library? Actually, a lot. Last year, one of our Odyssey competition teams decided to work on a long term problem called "As Good As Goldberg". This was my son's first introduction to the talented illustrator and inventor, and Nick was thrilled to "meet" him. Even though Nick did not participate on Team Goldberg (he was part of Team DaVinci, which I'll feature in the future), he was fascinated with this designer, so naturally we picked up some of Rube's books at our library. Even found one in a library book sale for fifty cents. 

You can introduce your children to Rube today - he is sitting on your library's shelf just waiting to be welcomed into your home.

And to learn more about OM, click on Odyssey Of The Mind

My fave Rube Goldberg inspired video:

Have a great weekend and visit your local library ~ the original odyssey for your mind. 

xoxo Michele