Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 27}: Borrow Or Buy

These photos were taken on October 1st, just as this 31 Days series began. John and I walked to town, the library being our first stop. We dropped off books and borrowed new ones, and then checked out the sale table. His eyes landed on the Super Smash Bros book and he silently high-fived me in delight.

Over the years our family has started a wonderful home library. Everything from the classics like Dickens to what you see above. Ninety percent have been purchased at the library.I will occasionally buy books from Amazon or at the children's Book Fair at school. But most come from our local library.

When you visit the library weekly, you know when the librarians are putting out new books for sale. Hardbacks for as low as fifty cents. Most paperback classics are five for a dollar. Not all of them are in perfect shape, but I'm not the type of person that wants perfectly-untouched-looking books on my shelves. 

We've had to buy four sets of bookshelves off craigslist through the years to house them all.  Our children have classics that will take them through college and beyond. The library provides this beauty to borrow and many to buy. It's just one additional benefit to visiting your local library.

And a great way to start your Saturday. A special thanks to The Nester for inspiring this 31 Days series. I'm so thankful to have a month-long diary of my favorite time of the year.

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xoxo Michele