Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 11}: Spend Less, Share More. Library.

Can happiness come in the shape of a square? For my youngest son, yes. Yes it can. For the past week, every day after school he comes home, has a snack and heads out to find his friends. Lugging the CD Player. His mama is proud to watch him skip up and down the street. Why? He is living the value of sharing. I found this squared happiness at the library:

You would have thought it was Christmas when I handed it to him. He knows it is borrowed beauty, but my children have lived and learned that borrowing is often times better than owning. He enjoys sharing this happiness with his friends, and the idea of taking it back to the library so that other children around his age can take pleasure in listening to Squirrels In My Pants (S.I.M.P. if you are down with Phineas and Ferb) is comically appealing to him. 

He feels charitable, and it has become a common, hopefully lifelong, habit. Isn't this a lovely life lesson that the library gifts our children? 

One friend down, four or five more to go. Seriously, I think he will be known as DJ John before long. Do you think he will be upset when he learns that there are less bulky forms of music media available? I'm not gonna tell him.

How do you encourage the principles of sharing?

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