Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 09}: Enlarging Your Child's World

Photo by Mark Shaw
Oh how she inspires me. Even now. I grew up admiring her on television, jet setting around the globe and bedecking the fashion world aflame with her glory. But our mutual love of reading created a personal connection for me, a kinship with her. And I vowed that when I had children of my own, I would read to them. For me, she made being a bibliophile glamorous. Thank you, Jackie. 

Here is a small collection of some of our favorite reads from the library that were either inspired by her favorite poets or she helped edit the book or she just encouraged the author to bedazzle the world with their own personal style of beauty:

Your Friend In Fashion, Abby Shapiro (loving this with my daughter) 
Inspired to read to your children but don't know where to start? 

Believe. Your children will know if you are passionate about reading - so choose children's books you enjoy. Go by yourself to the library and pick books off the shelf and read them. Select subjects that interest you - if fiction isn't your fave, pick a biography or science, or arts and crafts, you won't believe all the books there are for children in every subject imaginable. For inspiration, click here and here and here. Can't help myself: and here.

Borrow. The library, are you ready for this, loves to be used! Try that at some of your favorite retail shops and they may ban you for life. But the library is thrilled when you walk in and borrow their beauty. For inspiration,click here.

Bloom. When you read to your children, you grow along with them. Sometimes you'll swear you've been given extra lives because the adventures you take through great books will seem real. And the fruitful knowledge you are producing is priceless. 

Photo: Source

Several lifelong dreams were realized when I had my wedding and reception at the Kennedy Summer White House, Hammersmith Farm.
1) I got ready in Jackie's childhood bedroom before saying I do.
2) I married my very best friend.
One dream wasn't.
I tried to get "in fiction and in fact" added to our vows, but this was heavily frowned upon by certain relatives that shall remain nameless.

 How will you enlarge your child's world today?

xoxo Michele