Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 08}: The Library As Your Halloween Headquarters

I feel her pain. Have you ever found yourself frustrated with where your time (and money) are spent?

In late 2008, the financial rug was pulled out from underneath us. Within eight months, all aspects of our lives had dramatically changed. New school and friends for our children. New home and town for all of us, and a new job for my husband. Then in the fall of 2010, that new job? Vanished. It was a scary time. A virtual 18 months of non-stop Halloween. Like Sally up there, I found myself waiting on God to appear and acknowledge me, perfect my fears and clean my house. Despite my attitude, He was gracious. Family and friends were beyond generous. And the library welcomed me to borrow their beauty, keep the knowledge and can you believe this ~ were thrilled when I kept coming back each week to borrow their beauty again. And through that dark time, I found my passion. Our path is much brighter now, but by choice I spend less and snuggle with my family more. My time (and money) has been beautifully redeemed.

What if there was a meaningful way to celebrate the upcoming holiday without spending and still feel like you have gone all out for your family?

The library has you covered. 
Watch Charlie Brown get rocks while his friends get candy.
Listen and dance the Monster Mash while freaking out your kids.
Cook up terrifying treats ~ I  can actually do this without even trying.
Read sweet and silly, spooky and scary stories in bed with your children.

How do you make the holidays meaningful without spending money?

xoxo Michele