Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 01}: The Key to Library Living

The smartest card in your wallet doesn't ask for bank statements, SAT scores or employment history. It doesn't hassle you with sales pitches, spam email or telemarketing calls in the middle of Law and Order marathons. And if you call an angelic librarian to ask questions, they answer the phone. Shelly mentioned in a comment yesterday that she gets a shopper's high without spending any money. I second her and add that along with that shopper's high we get the added benefit of lasting beauty: knowledge. Don't have a card? Click here.

In addition to saving you money, your library card saves precious time. By logging on to your library website you can order books, music, movies in minutes. For inspiration, click here for my Beautifully Balanced Collections. And that will free you up for a breather to recharge. This is what I do when I should be home making dinner. Or hiding from my laundry room ~ I swear it is out to get me.  

Your library card - the key to lovely, luxurious, library living.

This 31 Days of Library Living started here. Hope you'll join me for the
month, and I especially love your comments. I'm a talker. A yakker.
A loquacious library lovin' ladymama.

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xoxo Michele