Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Complete Career Companion

Before marriage and children, I sold scores of these for 
a famous company. When they hired me, I didn't have a background
in camera equipment (or LCD projectors, which made up the bulk of
my sales). But the Sales Director asked me a very important question
during our first interview: What are you currently reading?

Well. I rattled off the four great reads displayed in this post; 
two of which he had read and L.O.V.E.D. I was hired.
  On my first official day,
my Sales Director gave me some great advice: 

"Michele, if you read the brochures on these cameras and projectors,
you will become an expert."

 I read them. Front and back. I read the trade publications. I studied
everything I could get my hands on that would prevent me from
looking like a bevis at trade shows and sales presentations. It paid off. 
I was promoted to District Sales Manager within six months. When
you take the time to read, you differentiate yourself
from mostly everyone because mostly everyone doesn't read.

Read: Infinite Jest

It didn't hurt that I was six feet tall and wore a size
six suit. My appearance may have landed a few appointments,
but my product knowledge always made the sale. 

 I'm optomistic that when I return to a career after
my kids have left for college I will find what I want. The
library has allowed me to stay up on current technology,
trends, literature and more. Find out more here on how
to keep your skills sharp while you aren't working.

Read: John F. Kennedy

Are you currently interviewing for a job?

01: Read up on the company. Most have websites and they would be       
     overjoyed if someone was actually reading them. See if you can find 
     info on the person interviewing you (company website or Linkedin, etc.). 
02: Read up on the competition. You will give yourself a priceless gift of  
     confidence during the interview by understanding their work environment,
     or at the very least, being able to ask smart questions.

03: Go to the library. Read 3 current books, periodicals, etc. that focus on
      the industry you are interviewing for. If you can find a biography on 
      someone in that field, even better. Read a few current fiction and
      non-fiction best sellers. Companies adore readers, trust me on this.
04: Send a hand written thank you, after the interview, if you truly want
      the job. And don't forget to say that you want the job. Really. 

The Library: A Complete Career Companion.

xoxo Michele