Friday, September 2, 2011

The Night Light ~ A Cautionary Poem

Nick's Current Library Reads
Go Figure! A totally cool book about numbers.

Nick loves to read at night.
An honorable activity that requires light.
So we bought him a lamp
that came with a clamp
and thought: Awesome solution to our plight!

Last week I awoke 
to the smell of smoke
and my son in tears
because his dolphin was seared
through and through.

This is where my poem ends with grateful, thankful news.
There was no fire.
There wasn't really any smoke, either. 
Just that nasty "burning" smell.
We are indebted to companies that use
fire resistant materials. 
I still shudder when I think about the what ifs.

Bloggy friends, mind helping me with a lamp decision?

Design Dilemma:
  • We need a lamp that won't make contact with bedding (no clip-ons).
  • Nick is on the top bunk, about 3 feet from the ceiling.
  • We are blessed with a drop ceiling ~ hanging a light is difficult.
  • Nick is reading 1 - 2 hours each night ~ good lighting is key.

Grazie for your input - this mama has run out of 
lighting ideas. And until we get this lamp
situation corrected, I have a child in my bed.
Not that I mind. 

xoxo Michele