Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet Child of Mine

Watch: Boise State Out of the Blue
Read: Sports Illustrated The Football Book

I know. Stop yapping 
about my son and football.
But I can't. 

Nick played his first game last Saturday.
He's all in. 

 I brought home the collection above 
from the library 
in honor of his passion.

Can I just say, how absolutely awesome is the 
for carrying a Boise State Football film?!
I know they were thinking of him.
And they made his week.

I wrapped the collection like a present. 
Because that is what the library has been for us.
A gift. 
And my hope is Nick will see
the library as a legacy for his family someday.

Rough and Sweet
Child of Mine.

Is the music for me?
Yes. Yes it is.

What collection from the library will you bring home 
to honor your child's passion today?

xoxo Michele