Monday, August 29, 2011

North by Northwest ~ Inspired by Natalie: Part Two

Photo by Natalie Out Here'n the Flats
Read: Thimble Summer (Ages 3rd-5th Grade) 

Thanks for joining part two of our Alaskan and library inspiration, 

courtesy of Natalie from Out Here'n the Flats.

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 She recommended Thimble Summer
Arielle and I just started it this evening.
You know that sublime feeling
when you find a treasure while out thrifting?
Yep - giddy girls over here tonight.

Written in 1938, this book had escaped my 
watchful eye at the library before now.
Natalie, you are a literary angel!

Photo by Natalie Out Here'n the Flats

Natalie's photos inspire me to learn more about Alaska and
share that knowledge with my children.
 Orcas Around Me is exceptional:

Read: Orcas Around Me (Ages 2nd-5th Grade)

We read aloud The Year of Miss Agnes last year. 
We are reading it again. 
Miss Agnes is a role model for me
Read: The Year of Miss Agnes (Ages 1st-5th Grade)

Our son is a Deadliest Catch fan. Did you know the library
has smoochie Sig Hansen's biography?
Don't judge me. 
Photo by Natalie Out Here'n the Flats

Natalie introduced me to the Avett Brothers.
I'd never heard of them before. This might not be a bad thing,
but considering they are from North Carolina (where I live)
and they are beyond awesome
it shows how much I have to learn.

So I picked up this Alaska/North Carolina duo
from the library as my next read/listen:

Great reads can transport your family without 
ever leaving home.

Photo by Natalie Out Here'n the Flats

The library can take you on that journey.

Visit your travel agent librarian today.

Thank you, Natalie, for sharing the beauty of 
your family 
and the library.
All are priceless treasures.

Please join me tomorrow as we get ready
to commemorate Romare Bearden. 
The library has everything you need to cherish
and celebrate this American icon.

Natalie, did they write this song for us library lovers??
Yes. Yes they did. 

xoxo Michele

"Ten thousand words swarm round my head
Ten million more in books written beneath my bed..."