Friday, August 26, 2011

North by Northwest ~ Inspired by Natalie: Part One

Designed By Natalie
Watch: The Man In The Moon

One of my favorite gifts in blogging 
is the people I meet.
Not always in real life, unfortunately. 
Like pen pals ~ only we
are literary pals and share 
an affinity for the library. 

Natalie was one of the first online friends I made when starting
this blog in June. I asked her to design a collection
from the library and became hopelessly attached to it myself.  
I'd like you to meet her and her family.
Photo by Natalie Out Here'n the Flats

Doesn't this photo just melt your heart with happiness, or what?
She and her firefighter hubby, along with their three
children live in Kodiak, Alaska.

Photo Courtesy of 

She mentioned they look forward to finding
the collections I highlight each week at their local library.
I feel the same way about her great grouping.

Can I just say that when I picked up Ahab's Wife,
my eyes were captivated by the cover, but my hands
were registering the weight of the book and thinking
small print + 663 pages = no sleep.

But it is so worth it.
I want to check into a hotel for a week,
register under a false identity,
put a Don't Even Think About Knocking sign on the door
and disappear into the pages.
Photo by Natalie Out Here'n the Flats

She hand stitches Red Salmon. I am guessing she whipped
up this beauty while listening to the Avett Brothers.
I had never heard of them before Natalie's recommendation. 
They are dreamy.
Like the movie.
And the cookbook.
And this photo of Natalie's daughter.
Photo by Natalie: Out Here'n the Flats

 Natalie has fond childhood memories
of visiting her library and wants to pass 
that tradition on to her children. 

The legacy she is weaving for her family
~ like her flawless collection from the library ~
 is priceless beauty. 

Please come back and join us on Monday for part two of
 North by Northwest ~ Inspired by Natalie.
We will feature more books inspired by the beauty
of Alaska, family, friends and the library.

 Please visit your library and Natalie's blog today!

xoxo Michele