Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Tweet It

Forgive me on the title of this post.
My daughter is listening to Michael Jackson.
Just tweet it, tweet it, tweet it, tweet it,
no one wants to be defeated. 
{Good luck getting that song out of your head now.}

Please share the message above.

The library is an infinite reservoir
of sustaining knowledge for our family. 

What does the library mean to you?

xoxo Michele

O.W. Toad

Watch: Inception
This is my tribute to Margaret Atwood. 
Author, poet, artist and photographer.
Wife, mother and daughter of an entomologist.
I am so jealous of the entomologist part!
Library advocate extraordinaire. 

I had the fortunate opportunity to see her
deliver the Joel A. Conarroe Lecture at
 Davidson College in February of 2010
with our book club. Yeah, it was awesome.

I didn't meet her, but I did have the nerve to approach Joel 
and interrogate him on his favorite reads when young. He loved
 Kim by Kipling. Yes, I do this type of thing when I meet authors.

Her wit and wisdom, seemingly endless supply
of energy and passion for numerous causes inspires me.
I can't pick a favorite book of hers, but I chose Alias Grace 
because I could not put the book down during the
day and had to put it in the mailbox at night because I
was ^afraid^ to have Grace in my house. 
Read it and you'll understand what I mean.

I chose the movie Inception because of Ellen Page. 
Also from Canada, she would be my choice to play
Grace Marks if they make a movie. Gerald Finley
is a Canadian Bass Baritone that melts my heart.
And I can see Grace walking down the hall when he sings.

Earth to Table is simply one of the best cookbooks I have
ever read. And it is from Canada. You will want this
as part of your permanent collection.

Which Atwood book is your favorite?

xoxo Michele