Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It Has What?

Share It.

Together we can help others see the Library in a new light.

xoxo Michele 

Beauty and the Budget

This home library has been my inspiration since stalking it in 
Southern Living Magazine several years ago.

Someday it will be mine. With the money I save by
borrowing a variety of media from the library.
And so much more.

You know the library offers books, music cd's and movie dvd's, but how about

I may have left out a few. Click here for a complete list.

And online tools like being able to reserve books for pick-up,
or these beauties:
 NoveList, BookSpot, BookWeb and
 Librarian Research Assistance.They really answer the phone!

You can research the Wall Street Journal,
The NY Times as well as medical journals and various publications
I will neither confirm nor deny being fanatical about health issues. 

The library is an endless goldmine of beautiful, priceless knowledge.
It is a triumph of human nature.

Check out this cool calculator to see how much
you can save each year by visiting your local library.

Love to thrift? The library always has
tables of great hardbacks, paperbacks, 
DVD's, cassettes and magazines
at obscenely low prices. 

What will you do with all the money you save?

xoxo Michele

Just been informed by my Financial Advisor (also answers to Husband) that our budget
for my home library has been spent on recreational activities instead. 
Note to self: Sign up for a Financial Class at the library.