Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grand Slam Giveaway

Watch: The Natural
Listen: Ken Burns Soundtrack Baseball
Cook: BBQ 25

Can't say enough great things about Bang The Drum Slowly.
A fantastic read aloud for children 10 and older.
It is uplifting - don't worry.

We had the pleasure of attending an Asheville Tourists
ballgame when the grandparents were here. A great way to add
some fun (and math skills sharp) is to keep score with
a baseball score book. 
We keep score while watching the Yankees thrash
the Red Sox from home as well. This is one of
 a zillion tips I have picked up from Rafe
Read: Lucky; Maris, Mantle and My Best Summer Ever
Read: Hey Batta Batta Swing
Watch: The Rookie

Our boy's favorite baseball collection. When
our oldest finished the book Lucky (in two days) he
shuffled out of his room, sobbing. He loved the book
so much he never wanted it to end. So he read it
again. And again. It is that good.

Hey Batta Batta is filled with the history of the
sport, but in a child pleasing format. 
It is flashlight worthy.   

The library - inspires a love of sports, human triumph,
history, math and oh so much more.

I happen to have a brand new scorebook that I
would love to give away. Just leave a comment - please
feel free to recommend your favorite baseball media -
and will pick the winner next Monday.

xoxo Michele