Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Club Buzz

Listen: U2
Cook: Favorite Food At Home

Our book club met last week to discuss the Secret
Scripture. Those that had read the book loved it. 
L to the O to the V to the E. 
I haven't read it yet, but it is on my short list.
The rest of the collection is my gift to you.
Our library doesn't have the cookbook, hopefully
your library will. Worth the trip to pick it up.

Read: Room
Prepare: Panini
Listen: Beatles HELP
Watch: The Quiet Room

I am the only one in our book club that hasn't read Room.
Was informed you can't put it down once you start. 
Thankfully, it only takes a day or two to finish. 
But your family will be hungry
And they will be impressed with the fabulous Panini
sandwiches you can whip up in seconds. The Beatles will
help (no pun intended) drown out their pleas for attention
while telling them "just one more minute." And the movie
is for extra psychological parent-torture. You're so welcome.

Read: Unbroken
Listen: Katharine McPhee Unbroken
Watch: Seabiscuit
Cook: Artisan Bread in Five Minutes

Everyone wants to read this book next. Fresh
bread covers a multitude of mistakes in our family.
And makes a great base for any dish you choose
while watching Seabiscuit. Katharine McPhee is divine.

Read: My Korean Deli
Cook: The Korean Table
Listen: Fistful of Mercy
Watch: Moonstruck

My Korean Deli is also a book that was chosen for
our next meeting. Supposedly a farcical
memoir about an editor that is talked into buying
his Korean mother-in-law a deli in Brooklyn. 
His wife made him do it. 
That is all I needed to know.
 Puts me in the mood for Moonstruck. Just
discovered Fistful of Mercy and couldn't wait to share.

Join us as we read through the dog days of summer.
And please share your book club reads!

xoxo Michele