Friday, July 8, 2011

Human Nature

Watch: Water

This quote inspired Jhumpa Lahiri's title to one of my
favorite books of short stories. I re-read it every
few years. She reaches my inner dialogue that I don't
share with others. I want to say each story is a work of art,
but really they are a work of the human heart.

Her ability to take words and create pictures
of our hopes, fears and everything in-between
astounds me.

The movie stays with you long after it is over.
Please watch it.

Dear Ms. Jaffrey, my daughter requests the honor of your 
presence anytime you wish to visit us. 
Will you adopt us?

Love that the library dares us to expand our horizons
and venture into the world fearlessly - like a angelic tour guide.
It is a triumph of human nature.

xoxo Michele

Summer Map Update 2

The children started this map as their summer project.
 It was inspired by the book My Family and Other Animals
by Gerald Durrell. You can read more about it here.

Despite play dates, sleepovers, judo, family day trips
and a current (incredible) visit from their grandparents,
they are making progress. Starting with Australia, they
are learning about the lakes and rivers, coral reefs, 
climate, plants and animals and the beautiful people and
their customs, languages and religion.

In short, it is fascinating.

Gerald Durrell - you were a genius.
And you have inspired our family to love 
learning about our world.

Of course, this was made possible by the library.
Who will inspire your family today?

xoxo Michele  

Vote for Pedro

Listen: Christina Perri Lovestrong

I would want this collection if I were a teen. Not just because
I'm from Idaho. Gosh! Or that in the book the mom is a blogger.
I love this collection now. And yes, I am clueless in the
kitchen. Completely clueless.

Stop by the library and pick up this collection for
your teen today. Or, if you live in the Charlotte, NC,
area, click on the links above and you'll be transported
there immediately. How awesome is that?

The library offers meaning without spending money.

xoxo Michele