Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Art of Surprise

This weekend I surprised her by awakening before 
sunrise and moving her beloved easel outside
for a divergent view. A fresh perspective.
All went according to plan.
Except for the fire ant hill. 
That surprised both of us.

After some benadryl, hugs and a shot of brandy
 cup of coffee for mamma, we regrouped on
the back porch. And she created art.

Watch: Dreamer
Listen: Fearless

This is her favorite artistic collection from the library.

Watch: Snoopy Come Home
Listen: David Benoit's Jazz for Peanuts
Cook: Cool Pet Treats 
Read: How to Draw Cartoons

Our boys devour this collection. We incorporate vocabulary
building exercises with art. A win for everyone.
Including our dog, Rocket.

Great books inspire art.

And apparently, summer jobs.

xoxo Michele

Who Took My Fabulous?

Dance: Zumba
Listen: Pink

Lately, my fabulous has been sleeping with the fishes. 
Overeating burgers with grilled onions and blue cheese at dinner.
 Watching Law and Order marathons with buttered popcorn. S'mores
by the fire pit. Peanut M&M's while reading Bill Bryson's At Home.
Somebody stop me, please.  

The library offers sweet inspiration.
I love you, Zumba. Especially since I don't desire to shake 
my grove thing amongst the barbies at the gym. Nigella,
please let me channel some of your fabulosity. She lifts
my mood simply by sharing a diet coke in the kitchen
while discussing her veggie dishes and salmon for
my fish-loving son. Yes, I talk to books ~ but only
when no one is around. And I'm positively giddy when
Clinton comes for a visit. His tips and tricks almost are
enough to help me remember not to wear my sweats to
the market and my hair in pony tail for church. Almost. 
Last week I ran into a friend at Harris Teeter and she asked
me if I just came from the dog park and ~ embarrassed to tell
the truth ~ I said yes. Sweats
at home, Michele. sweats. at. home.
Say what you will about Pink, her music inspires me to 
move. And reminds me that I'm pretty gosh darn perfect.
Before long, my fabulous will resurface like a phoenix.
Without spending a dime.

What inspires your fabulous?

xoxo Michele

Party Props

A special thank you to Design Dazzle and Serenity Now 
for hosting such swanky linky parties this weekend. 

I made a lot of new friends and my inspiration list has grown!

We found plenty of inspiration this holiday weekend
 in the beauty of friends, family and fresh courage
to dream big.

xoxo Michele