Friday, July 1, 2011

Under God

Listen: Toby Mac Tonight
Read: Under God

Finishing my first week of blogging with our 
family favorite collection.
Amazing movie. 
The hippest cookbook on the planet.
And our favorite family band, Toby Mac
His book is a great read aloud ~ building knowledge of
our country's history and bringing the family together.

All from the library - freedom from spending.

When Toby comes to the Charlotte area, we stalk him. Our oldest son 
had the chance to shake his hand when he came in October of '09.
Our dear friend Nester and her family joined the party.
Great memories.

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion.
I am grateful for all the warm feedback 
and overwhelming encouragement.

And a huge thank you to the Charlotte Meck Public Library.
You are a place of beauty.

Have a safe and memorable 4th of July!

xoxo Michele 


Watch: Cry Freedom
Listen: Alicia Keys The Element of Freedom
Read: Jonathan Franzen's Freedom

Don't you just love how the library adds meaning
without spending money? 

Freedom from spending.

What are your favorite summer reads?

xoxo Michele

Summer Map Update 1

As our summer project, 
we decided to make a map of the world.
It was inspired by the autobiography My Family and Other Animals
by Gerald Durrell. Told from his point of view when he was
 10 years of age, Gerald and his dog Roger take you on a magical 
adventure through Corfu, Greece. If you haven't read it,
pick it up from the library today. Often hilarious and
always captivating, have a dictionary handy and prepare
to be transported from your home into his family. 

"They were maps that lived, maps that one could study, frown over, 
and add to; maps, in short, that really meant something."  ~ Gerald Durrell

The children have now finished the outline of the continents 
and are getting ready for the fun to begin:
adding rivers and tributaries, migration patterns,
flora and fauna, sea life and coral reefs.

And we dream about visiting Corfu, Greece.

There is a Durrell School of Corfu.
To find out more about this amazing place visit here.

The children are learning about geography, biology,
topography, botany, potamology and more.
And they want to do this. They plead every day 
to work on the map. And it is summer! 
I can't take any of the credit, except for reading to them.
Gerald Durrell did the rest.

To see our updated map, click here.

xoxo Michele