Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gone Surfing

Watch: Surf's Up
Listen: Beach Boys Gone Surfing

Remember those summer days when your skin looked 
like it got in a fire fight with a dragon? And bruises 
from making tents in your bedroom out of sheets and blankets
held in place by books and bowling balls; and the cat thought
the top was a new hiding place? Was that just me?

My children have made tents in their rooms. Summer is here!

This collection is for my daughter. Adores the movie and
the music. The cookbook is coming with us to the beach next
month - easy, delish recipes that involve very little
cooking and an abundance of fruit and chocolate. 
Lynn Reiser delights both children and adults. 
All of her books are educational but infinitely engaging. 
My daughter teaches with this as a guide in her school room.

What are some of your favorite beach reads for children?

Boys of Summer

Listen: Don Henley Boys of Summer
Cook: Emeril Lagasse There's a Chef in My Soup

I was going to post this collection towards the end of summer, 
but after reading this thrilling post from Molly 
I was inspired to share right away.

It has probably become apparent that I love reading,
but reading aloud to my children is one of life's
greatest rewards. For an hour (almost) every
night we transport ourselves to somewhere irresistible.
This collection is one of my older son's favorites. He started
collecting insects in earnest after reading Children of Summer.
But you don't have to be a potential entomologist to 
find pleasure in the antics and adventures of this eclectic family.

Emeril's fish-sticks are a must make. The movie is
immensely entertaining but doesn't reach the shoulder
of the book (in can't cover the material). If you enjoy it I 
recommend reading the book aloud with your family.
And Don Henley? He is for me. All mine.

Sigh. The library. 
Adds meaning to our life without spending money.

xoxo Michele