Monday, June 27, 2011

My Husband Prefers Blondes

Listen: Faith Hill Fireflies

So do I. A little beauty for both of us.
Inspire. Create. 
Add a little flair and wisdom to your home today. 
If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina 
area, click on the links and you will be magically
transported directly to heaven the library.

xoxo Michele

With a Twist

Listen: Adele 21

How do you see the public library? As a place of beauty? I do.

 I've been making my own beautifully balanced
borrows of various media for decades

~ thanks to the library ~

and want to share how I do it, so that hopefully
you will do it too. My collections are designed to inspire creativity, 
a love of reading with your family and beauty in your home. 

Visual aid was inspired by this sublime beauty of a blog. 
Although I haven't met Jane, we share 
the same love of literature. 

This media and more are available at your local library.

xoxo Michele