Monday, December 26, 2011

My Big Splurge

Every year I splurge and buy one book at Christmas. It is a book that I had read earlier in the year couldn't forget. This year it was Ahab's Wife.

I found a first edition hardback on for $19. I discovered this great read from Natalie - and although I was at first taken aback by the size and weight of the book, I was hooked by the cover and then the alluring prose. It makes me wonder how many other amazing books patiently wait for me at the library to discover their stunning magic.

My daughter made me a bookmark from our favorite wrapping paper that I just couldn't live without (thanks, Beth) and now I have it close to me every day. 

You can find the eazy-peazy directions for the bookmark here.

What did you splurge on this Christmas?

xoxo Michele


Natalie T. said...

And merry Christmas to you and your family! Hope it was wonderful. So glad you have a copy of Ahab's all for yourself. Worth the splurge. :)

I am LOVD said...

Hope you had the merriest Christmas ever. My big infinity scarf for myself.

Miss Eagle said...

Michele, my understanding is that the top picture with that wonderful quote is from Ahab's Wife? Please confirm.

I think the quote is wonderful. I so agree with it.

I have just come back from Tasmania where I spent New Year. Beautiful time travelling with a young friend. We crossed Bass Strait on the Spirit of Tasmania - a nine hour trip. New Year at Launceston in an old watermill by the Tamar River, then travelled by the ocean down the beautiful east coast to Hobart where where our accommodation was on a pier with the Derwent either side! We went to Ausralia's latest artistic treasure - MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art). Believe it or not, made possible by a man called David Walsh who, by virtue of a mathematical/analytical mind, is a professional gambler. Tasmania is arguably Australia's poorest state and the gallery is a wonderful addition to the state and tourists are flocking to see it!