Monday, December 12, 2011

Book Bound

When this precious boy gets a high fever, like he did this weekend, I'm book bound. We snuggle up on my bed. He sleeps. I read. Beverly, one of our local librarians recommended this great read last week and I'm spellbound by every page. Almost makes me wish he would run a fever for just a few more days so I could finish it. Almost.

What has your librarian recommended for you lately that you loved?

xoxo Michele


Pam said...

I read Mudbound a few years ago. Very powerful - parts of it still haunt me.

I recently finished reading The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom; Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher; and The Barbarian Nurseries by Hector Tobar. I'd recommend all three.

I am LOVD said...

This is my own pick from my kids' book club days...have you ever read anything by the author AVI. There's one in particular that is absolutely hilarious if your kid understand puns and satire. It's called The End of the Beginning (I think that's what it is). I also had the kids read The Barn, by the same author, but way serious (great for a book discussion with kids).

BZcomedy said...

Hi, my name is Brian, I just recently started interning with the library here in Charlotte. I'm in there marketing and communications Dept. and recently ran across your blog, love the posts and glad to hear your son is doing better.

Michele said...

Hi Pam, I just put all three on hold at our library - and looks like they are popular so I may be in for a long wait. The second book I'm nervous about reading (13 reasons) - did you cry the whole way through it?

Lily - we adore AVI - at least, when I read them the kids adore them. But it is weird that they never go to that author on their own. Maybe when they get a little older?

Brian - you just made my day, my week - the rest of my year! Thank you so much for the encouragement! I heart the Charlotte Mecklenburg Libraries!!

xoxo michele

Pam said...


I didn't cry through 13 Reasons. It made me think how some non-actions can be just as destructive as someone's actions.