Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Small Glimpses of Glory

Great reads can influence what you see and hear for a lifetime.

There is no better time of year than now to begin reading C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia to your children. My heart always finds home among Aslan and the characters, but especially this is so during the holidays. And our eyes are drawn up in thankfulness and wonder when we return to this world from Narnia.

The Complete Chronicles of Narnia (our family fave)
The Wood Between The Worlds
The Magician's Book
Companion To Narnia (my favorite)

If we are willing to look, there are small glimpses of glory all around us - and what we see in this world has a love affair with what our heart can see in great stories. 

The library carries the classic series, along with shorter versions for younger children, companion books with swoon-worthy maps and even a critic's point of view. 

Which is your favorite? I'm quite partial to The Silver Chair.
Which is your children's favorite?

 xoxo Michele


theelfqueen said...

My favorite is The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe but I also love the Magician's Nephew.

Right now I'm reading the Autobiography of Santa Claus with my kids. We read the Narnia books last year.

But I am also reading "Walking Through the Wardrobe" which is a devotional based on LWW

I am LOVD said...

As avid of readers as we are in our family, I am sad to say we are only familiar with the Narnia movies. We just watched the latest movie and I can't tell you the shock I am in with my 9 year old's insight of the characters. At the end of the movie my son equated the Lion as God and the huge wall of water as the crossing over to heaven. I was astonished at his conclusions and he doesn't even know C.S. Lewis is a renowned Christian writer. Maybe I'm only "mom-impressed" but I'm proud nonetheless.

Michele said...

Merrick - I must find that Santa bio book! Thanks for the recommendation.

Lilly - I think you'd love the books with your son. Lewis paints worlds with his words, and those memories last a lifetime. I waited almost 30 years for Disney's Narnia movies, and like your family, we love them; but they can't compare to his books. Timeless.

Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo michele

Shelley. said...

I just recently reread The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I am in love with C.S. Lewis, but haven't read much of his fiction. I think I'll go for the whole Narnia series next. My oldest is just a tad too young still - maybe next year...

(Happy Thanksgiving!)