Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Red Squeaky Stroller

This stroller is our ticket to adventure - three wheels and a red heart that beats true traversing, with barely a nudge from me. It is made for traveling.

We were made reading. Give me a library and the journey begins. Where will you go today?

xoxo Michele 


Brunella said...

(after work)look for a book about Jacky Kennedy. And after take a long walk with my labrador Will. Autumn time is magic.
I don't know if the same in USA, but in Italy some ancient book like Little House in the Prairie not in the library...but perhaps i'm another era or period :)

I am LOVD said...

I see baby feet, a tutu, and bright sunshine that penetrates the leaves in a glowing aura of hope and promise as you journey with two little leaders for the future. They are in your hands so teach them well, my friend!

Jadyn @ Dutch.British.Love said...

Beautiful, magical photo! I agree that we are made for adventure...currently this means reading a lot about houses and interiors for me, every new book has a new take and is a new adventure!