Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Like Glue

The library doesn't contain books: it is a delivery depot of memories, traditions and the magical bond of sharing.

The joy of this holiday season can be found in the simple gift of giving the best of ourselves to those we love - our hands, our words, our time.

Borrow the free beauty offered at your library today. Experience how their shining example of sharing can bring together a mother and a daughter. Father and son. A family. 

A short yet sensational family devotional: Making Room For Christmas
Mother/Daughter fun: Christmas Crafts
For Fathers and Sons: Aspire and Christmas At Long Pond

xoxo Michele

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I am LOVD said...

Thanks for the list. I can't wait to explore! A lot of bloggers are doing a Book Advent - a book a day leading up to Christmas. I saw your "A Library ADVENTure" post. Are you going the full route of gift wrapping each book to open on each day?