Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cookbook Crushes {Day 07}: Bread {Almost} Alone

Bread. I think I could live on it. And wine. Which explains why I need to go on a diet. 

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day is a book that needs to be read and savored, like the dough you'll be creating, so don't expect to bring it home from the library and in 5 minutes you'll have bread. I did that. I was wrong. But not disappointed. I've always wanted to make my own starter, and this is the bread bible for beginners. It's painless and fun, I promise. And when you smell the fresh bread, your neighbors will think you opened a Panera in your kitchen. Pair it with John Lewis. And some Lambrusco wine. 

Make The Bread, Buy The Butter is my BFF. Author Jennifer Reese lost her job and as she whittled back her budget she answered a lot of our questions about how to save without giving up great tasting foods. Some foods aren't worth the time or trouble to make, but bread - oh, yes sister. I'm talking to you. And you. Pair it with my new favorite musical find, Florence & The Machine.

Amy's Bread is served throughout NYC restaurants and bakeries, and you don't have to be an experienced baker to enjoy her incredible recipes. Two words: fig bread. I've paired her with Led Zeppelin, because they happen to be my favorite band of all time (don't judge: they happen to be Condoleezza Rice's fave also). Nirvana, sweet friends.

The Bread Bible + John Coltrane = sublime.

I'd be happy stopping here. But my hubby wants actual meals to go with the bread and wine. Sheesh. Some people are so picky. So that is where these cookbook crushes come into play.

Make It Fast, Cook It Slow and The Italian Slow Cooker. They shine. Like the library. 

 This seven day series was inspired by Rosie, a fabulous local librarian, and it started here.

We have crushed for seven days on cookbooks, but truth be told, we haven't scratched the surface when it comes to how many mouthwatering beauties are sitting on your local library's shelves. And don't forget gourmet magazines like Bon Appetit - they are also available for checkout, along with their cookbooks.

Hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I have. Now I plan to take a long computer vacation and spend time with my family in the kitchen. And walk our dog.

xoxo Michele


Jennie@gotmyreservations said...

I have really enjoyed these posts. Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family and I'll see you in a week or so!

Brunella said...

led Zeppelin for all life.
Lambrusco :) where i can send you lambrusco homemade (land of my parents...yes), and tortellini too? really.
send me a mail if you desidere for Xmas.
For you and your family:)

theelfqueen said...

LOVE the two Make it Fast cookbooks. Did not like the Italian one -- both of the recipes we tried were too... oniony or something.

I love bread but mostly just make it in the bread machine, cause I'm lazy-like.

Amy Sullivan said...

MMMM. I also have a major love of bread. Last night, I went out with friends for wine, and ate a ridiculous amount of bread. I don't regret though. Nope, nope.