Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cookbook Crushes {Day 04}: Made To Love: Family Dinners

Dinner can be fun when the kids help. Notice I didn't say fun to clean up. The next visit to the library, have your children help pick out the cookbook and the music. It's usually worth the fighting and extra ten minutes. Even better, let them find the media online through your library website at home and let the kids put them on hold with their library card. When they arrive at your library, have your darlings pick them up off the hold shelf and bring them home. I guarantee you the first place they will go is the kitchen. And that helps motivate me to join them. 

Nick likes this collection. Arielle adores this one. And John-John chooses this every time.

Want some more inspiration? 

One lovely reader will receive these fun kitchen items designed to bring the family into the kitchen together: Nesting Measuring Cups, Veggie Cutters (to have fun with this cookbook) and Ninja Cookie Cutters. 

Just leave one comment today on which family cookbook and music you are going to find at your local library. Winner will be chosen Sunday evening.

Don't forget to enter the Summit Coffee giveaway by leaving a comment here. 

This seven day series was inspired by Rosie, a fabulous local librarian, and it started here.

How do you use the library to get motivated to make family meals?

xoxo Michele


Beth said...

Well, since I'm intimidated by cookbooks (still too many choices!), I would go for a story that has a recipe in it. How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman needs to be on our list. And we would have to pair it with the album Children of the World: Multicultural Rhythmic Activities. Now I'm inspired!

LeslieP said...

I'd like to look at Giada's cookbook and pair it with Jackie Evanko's CD. Thanks for all the great suggestions!