Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 02}: The Library List

One of my favorite ways to Library is by making a list of media that enhances that month's holidays, cultural and sporting events and school projects. My list looks a lot like a grocery list, minus the tears. Food and I are a lot like the couple in high school that break up and get back together every week. But I heart the library and love to shop for books, music and movies that make these events more meaningful. 

Three weeks before an event (that is usually how long you can check out items) log on to the library website and order a collection that celebrates ~ for example ~ Christopher Columbus. Here is the page where all the magic happens. I'm totally giddy here, friends! Giddy I tell you! 

Type "Christopher Columbus" in the Search Catalog/Website and press SEARCH:

Note: you can really do this, I have linked directly to the library website. Hope this isn't a no no. Dear Library - please call me if I can't do this.

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Celebrate Hispanic American Heritage from Sept 15th - Oct 15th
Celebrate Hispanic American Heritage from Sept 15th - Oct 15thKeeping the Promise: Unity, Strength, Leadership is this month`s theme. Library Outreach will host special story times throughConnections that Count to celebrate the Hispanic culture. Learn more

Disney Digital Books now available to download!
Disney Digital Books now available to download!Young library patrons and their parents will be able to enjoy - for the first time- unlimited access to over 600 new and classic Disney books with our ebook partner, OverDrive.Learn more

Celebrate Romare Bearden's 100th birthday with the Library
Celebrate Romare Bearden's 100th birthday with the LibraryA new exhibit explores how Bearden combined his unique drawing style and collage making process to create an engaging story based on American history. Learn more

What`s the value of your library?

Back to school for adults? How about learning a new language!

Future of the Library Task Force Final Report

Library eBooks are now available for Kindle!
Library eBooks are now available for Kindle!
We`re excited to announce that Charlotte Mecklenburg Library`s eBook collection is now compatible with the world`s bestselling eBook reader, the Amazon® Kindle. Learn more
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After hitting the enter button, the icons below are a very small portion of the top of the next page  and you can click on them and see what results came up so go for it (the real page is extremely long and you will hate me for posting it - your scrolling arm will get all carpel tunnely):
...and this information lets me know what I can check out on Christopher Columbus. 109 Books! 6 eAudiobooks! 6 Movies! Deep breath, Michele. Breathe. After clicking on various titles of books, movies and music CD's this is the collection I put on hold, I call them Beautifully Balanced Collections:

Read About Cooking: Why We Eat What We Eat

Then, when the library notifies me by email that my books have arrived and are waiting for me at my local branch, we devote some time as a family getting to know Christopher Columbus. This is when the real learning happens. Together.
Watch as Christopher and crew discover America.
Listen to Fletcher Henderson's tribute to Christopher. 
Read why many foods we Cook originated in Spain.
Read how it all began.

It is magical. Better than food. And it lasts a lot longer. And wait 'til you see all the awesomeness I have planned for smoochie John Adam's birthday. He is so my homeboy.

This series, 31 Days of Library Living started here. Hope you'll join me for the month, maybe even follow me forever on this blog by email or subscribe to my posts - I would be honored. And I especially love your comments, I read and respond to each and every one. I'm a talker. A yakker.
A loquacious library lovin' ladymama.

 Are there upcoming events for you that a little library could make more meaningful?

xoxo Michele


Amber said...

Thanks so much! Just last week we checked out a Sesame Street about the Doctor before my son's 18 month visit. We read the book several times and took it with us to the Doctor along with his play stethoscope, thermometer, etc. We plan to do that with future "theme" days.

I am going to add your button to my blog, because I think this is soooooooooo important.

Anonymous said...

We love the library! I added you to my reader & look forward to your 31 Days.

Shelley. said...

I love that you purposefully create a balanced collection. Very intriguing. I've never thought of adding music and cooking to the mix. We do fully utilize the Watch and Read. =) Right now we are immersed in sharks, bats and fish...because that's what my son's into at this moment.

Anonymous said...

What a cool way to use the library. I love the idea of checking out the calendar and checking out themed content. It's such simple idea and yet not one I've even thought of before!

Michele said...

Hi Amber, what a great idea with the doctor visits. We have done something similar with the Berenstain Bears and visiting the Dentist. I have found that when we read holding our child or near us, those words bring understanding and comfort. And the conversations that follow are anything but typical. Thank you so much for the encouragement and featuring my button - love what you are doing as well.

Hi Amy - thank you so much for the follow. I <3 your blog too.

Hi Shelly - thank you for the sweet feedback. I adore that we can engage all 5 senses by checking out collections from the library. It makes me excited to go into the kitchen and try new recipes with my children. I hope you'll give a collection a try - the pairing of music and books just blows me away. Try a shark collection with the Jaws soundtrack, or fish books with the Finding Nemo soundtrack. It is majorly addicting. So much so that sometimes I want to rush into the library and hug the librarians - it seems too good to be true.

Thank you, everyone. I'm humbled and thrilled at the positive response this weekend.

Library like you mean it!

xoxo michele

Michele said...

Thank you, Kate! So glad you stopped by for a visit.

xoxo michele

Kati said...

I love the library! Sounds like a good topic to write about.

Michele said...

Hi Kati, thank you so much for the visit! This has been a gift to blog about my passion.

xoxo michele