Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 24}: Autumn Song

Autumn clouds have flown in with all of their spectacular glory. I obsess over the clouds more during this time of year than any other season. In the summer I'm hiding from heat and humidity. Winter seems too overcast, either that or I'm forever looking under the couch for a missing glove or an overdue library book. And the spring is spent weeping that summer is on the way. Really. It isn't easy being me. Or being married to me.

Which makes having a sore throat and scratchy voice all the more unpleasant right now. I'm protesting resting, but this collection from the library has been of some comfort:

What do you do when your health takes a slight detour during your favorite outdoor season?

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xoxo Michele


Shelley. said...

I am so there with you! Autumn is my favorite and my youngest has been sick for 6 weeks! And I've been sick for this past week and can barely talk. I feel like we are missing out on our few weeks of weather perfection. I'm hoping to get to the cider mill this week. Hope you feel better soon.

Natalie said...

Oh Fall! Going to stock up at the library today. Yes! (gotta make a wreath too.:) Any luck with the "Fruit Bats"? I think we stumbled on their only good song... ;) have a great day!