Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 20}: Learning The Language

She is muy bonita. The children adore her. Our library offers this free 30 minute children's class each Wednesday morning. After class we pick out a Beautifully Balanced Spanish Collection to reinforce what we've learned. I say we loosely - this precious three year old remembers every word, song and dance. Me? Mostly no comprendo. But I'm overjoyed the entire time because, all you dear bloggy friends - are you seeing her smile? Senorita Sunshine.

Listen: De Colores
Read: Oso Polar

The Eric Carle books are asombrosa. Your children will have these memorized after a few reads.

We look forward to this beauty each week. Did you know the library offers Adult/Teen Spanish classes? Chinese for Pre-School Kids? To view all programs offered by the library, click here.

The library offers meaningful experiences for the the entire family and an opportunity to connect with your community in an educational way. You can library for a lifetime. What classes will you attend this week?

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xoxo Michele


Brunella Z. said...

last year i was on the road of "Cammino di Santiago di Compostela -Spagna". it's incredible the situations between you and me even if i am in Italy and you in Usa.I had prepared a post on the road and spain. By this day i public my post and this link.
Forgive me the mistakes as always...

I am LOVD said...

My son just started Spanish class (4th grader). I put him in a Spanish class at the library when he was only 3 and you are right, the retention young children have of multiple languages is unbelievable - even scary! Scary? Yes, scary to think many leave their young children's minds in front of a TV for 3 hours a day. As much as kids are sponges, they absorb the good, and the bad when exposed to it.

Mimi said...

The library does a great job at meeting the needs of the community, teaching new things and ideas, while providing us all with free books to read. What a great contribution our libraries are!