Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 19} The Library Leads To Great Reads

01) Abolition of Man
02) The Hare With Amber Eyes
03) Their Eyes Were Watching God

You can find more of my favorite reads from the library here and here.

Amazing Amber is doing 31 Days of C. S. Lewis Quotes, you can find her here

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For the amazing girl behind all of this 31 Days magic, click here.

xoxo Michele


Amber said...

Thank you for the shout out, but thank you more for sharing that quote from "Abolition of Man."

I have not read, "Abolition of Man," but it looks as if I need to. That quote is oh so true.

Now, that I think about it I am interested in reading all three of those books. Thanks Michele.

Michele said...

Hi Amber! I read Abolition of Man at the beginning of every school year to remind myself that no matter what school my children are in, I'm responsible for their education in a larger sense. It is a very short read, but packed with wisdom.

Brunella Z. said...

Yes Michele.
Una grande verità.

I am LOVD said...

Again, more must reads!!! I think my library is sick of my inquiring - just kidding I know they love it!!

I have always believed our children's education begins and ends in the home. It's so unfortunate the way of the world to most today is giving away the responsibility of raising our children over to the teachers who don't want and never asked for that job. For the sake of our children, wake up parents!!!! (I know all who read your blog are not these parents. If they were, they probably wouldn't be reading this blog. Birds of a feather, you know.)

Amy Sullivan said...

Mentioned your series in my post today! Keep on writing, girl!

Jill @ Craft in a Northern Town said...

Hi Michele!

Came over from Amy Sullivan's post and am so excited to be a new follower! I'm a bookworm and have always loved the library. Thanks for helping me see it in a new way!


Sheila @E2gather said...

Never heard of any of these books. So many books so little time!