Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 18}: Look What I Did With a Leaf

Can you throw a fabulous birthday party that focuses on nature? Absolutely. A walk in the woods can lead to creating art with family and friends. Inspired by a book from your local library.

Ask the children to look for colors, shapes and sizes. Open up a world of wonder right under their feet.  

A simple walk can turn into amazing art. 

A party can be about nature's divine decorations, with your own creative twist.

The library carries this lovely book ~ nature supplies the materials ~ and you create the beauty.

Could there be a better way to spend time outdoors? 

We have been inspired to go on walks near our home, looking for different types of leaves. 

Another bonus: identifying different trees. Learning with leaves.

What will you find at your library today?

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xoxo Michele   


Pam said...

Funny timing for this post. Several years ago my children participated in a class at our local art museum inspired by this fabulous book. Every year since I have displayed their artwork. Just yesterday I hung them again.

Michele said...

Hi Pam, I may just have to add this book to our permanent home library collection. And I love that our children used the book as a guide, but made their own people and animals. It was awesome - and so many other benefits from going out into nature and exploring.

xoxo michele

theelfqueen said...

we made leaf animals at Sunday-school the other day!

Amber said...

I love this! I will be looking up the book and adding it to my "to buy" list.

I haven't seen this one at our library, but I will def. ask.

Shelley. said...

We are about to try this project in about two minutes. I showed my six year old the examples here and he is SUPER excited about it!