Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 10}: The Magical World of Disney Lives at the Library

Every Sunday evening, my six-year-old world irresistibly transformed from reality to fantasy as I sat in front of our color television and watched The Wonderful World of Disney. A few years later, our parents surprised my brother and I with a trip to Disneyland. For four days, I believed my feet were joyfully planted in the Happiest Place on Earth. We are looking forward to sharing this marvelous place with our children soon, but not before we tap into the real beauty of Disney World: classic literature.

Walt Disney knew a secret I want to share with you: reading the classics is magical. He took some of the greatest novels ever written and made them into animated worlds of wonder. And they are all available at your local library in many magnetic medias. 

Retell the tales of Pooh, listen to Kenny Loggins and whip up some breakfast bliss.

When we discovered the Easy Reader Classics at the library, I smiled for days on end. The Jungle Book movie rocks - and the classic novel is a fantastic read aloud. You'll want to pick up another Kipling Classic, Kim.
Rudyard Kipling's Kim

Hilarious Dave Barry writes fantastic fiction for children, all based on the classic story of Peter Pan. Jane Yolen's bio on Barrie is terrific. 

What makes Disney World so enchanting? It's rooted in literature. 

Many of our family-favorite moments are inspired by Mark Twain. Graphic novels, Easy Reader Classics and those smoochie veggies really float my boat. I know. I'm a ducky mo-mo. 

Robert Louis Stevenson inspires, and if you heart his Treasure Island, don't miss The Big Book of Adventure - it has condensed classics that make for perfect bedtime beauty.  

Planning a trip to Disney soon? Pick up any of these great reads, music and movies at your library. The Walt Disney biography is priceless - my fave as a read aloud. They all are. Are you tired of everything being my fave? I'm not.

His quote below reminds me of what reading aloud to my children creates nightly in our home. We are transported to another world without leaving our living room. 

Reading is meaningful beauty. It brings comfort, connection and creativity. Your library card is your ticket to ride - where will you go today?

This series, 31 Days of Library Living, started here. Please join me for the month, maybe even follow me forever on this blog by email or subscribe to my posts - I would be honored. Are you a 31 Dayer? Leave me a message, I would love to come visit you. 

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xoxo Michele 


I am LOVD said...

Good for you for keeping up with the 31 Days - I'm so proud of you and have so enjoyed each entry. We are Classic Pooh fans, through and through. I love each character because we all have a Rabbit, Owl, and Eeyore in our lives, don't we. Every character is so relatable.

Amber said...

It is so true. We must keep encouraging families to read the books before watching the movie or accompany it with the book.

My in-laws do this with their boys and their imaginations are wonderful. Of course, we live less than two hours from Disney and my 12 yr. old niece, 6 yr. old nephew, and 4 yr. old nephew have been once. However, they have read most of the books that inspired the movies, the characters, etc.

theelfqueen said...

I am a giant Disneyphile looney. We are constantly checking out amazing Disney items from the library - Disney classic movies that are vaulted, Disney treasurebox editions, the fantastic Science of Disney Imagineering series, books about Disney History. Biographies.

Jennie@gotmyreservations said...

You should write some curriculum with the books that you featured in this blog. If you don't, I might steal this idea. :)

Michele said...

Thank you for the encouragement, LOVD. I am enjoying the challenge immensely! I remember reading the Pooh books for the very first time - hooked me on reading. Those stories were the first to transport me out of my room and into his world of friends.

Hi Amber - we try to read the books aloud before the movies, especially the classics - but sometimes we rely on the Easy Readers - our 7 year old is loving them (especially the Jungle Book series). The Disney movies are amazing, but they don't have enough time to give you the entire story - sigh. So many books, so little time.

Michele said...

Love you, Merrick! And love that the library can make us feel in some ways better than Disney World - no travel (or hotels) required! When I visited DW back in 1984, my fave was the movie about Walt. I did an presentation on him for school when I returned. A lot of the kids in my class didn't know who he was. Genius.

Hi Jennie, steal and share! I wouldn't know how to write a curriculum - just that we love learning at the library because we can venture into any area we choose. And it is fun to see where one book leads - one of our fave read alouds, The Wouldbegoods, led to reading David Copperfield and The Jungle Book. And those led to Kipling's other masterpiece, Kim. A never-ending yellow brick road - the library.

xoxo michele