Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 08}: The Library As Your Halloween Headquarters

I feel her pain. Have you ever found yourself frustrated with where your time (and money) are spent?

In late 2008, the financial rug was pulled out from underneath us. Within eight months, all aspects of our lives had dramatically changed. New school and friends for our children. New home and town for all of us, and a new job for my husband. Then in the fall of 2010, that new job? Vanished. It was a scary time. A virtual 18 months of non-stop Halloween. Like Sally up there, I found myself waiting on God to appear and acknowledge me, perfect my fears and clean my house. Despite my attitude, He was gracious. Family and friends were beyond generous. And the library welcomed me to borrow their beauty, keep the knowledge and can you believe this ~ were thrilled when I kept coming back each week to borrow their beauty again. And through that dark time, I found my passion. Our path is much brighter now, but by choice I spend less and snuggle with my family more. My time (and money) has been beautifully redeemed.

What if there was a meaningful way to celebrate the upcoming holiday without spending and still feel like you have gone all out for your family?

The library has you covered. 
Watch Charlie Brown get rocks while his friends get candy.
Listen and dance the Monster Mash while freaking out your kids.
Cook up terrifying treats ~ I  can actually do this without even trying.
Read sweet and silly, spooky and scary stories in bed with your children.

How do you make the holidays meaningful without spending money?

xoxo Michele


the cul-de-sac said...

Oh, what a poignant post, Michele! I know a lot of people can relate, and you inspire with your resourcefulness and commitment.

And I looove your Halloween recommendations. One of the best things about my daughter's (public) elementary school is its incredible library (almost completely funded by the PTA). Families can check out books as well as the kids. I'll be looking for some of your suggestions there on Monday! Happy Fall!

Michele said...

My fave CDS, your daughter's school sounds wonderful (it is the first thing I want to see when touring a school - my thought is if they love their school library, they love the children).

This is just a tiny bit of beauty I found at the library - there are hundreds of books, over 35 movies (I didn't put in adult choices like Friday the 13th, Fright Night and great classic Zombie movies, but the library has them all) and tons of crafty books and magazines.

xoxo michele

Shelley. said...

We love seasonal books. We are returning to our fall favorites these days. It's fun to start to build a list of library favorites. A Thanksgiving recommendation: Turk and Runt, A Thanksgiving Comedy by Lisa Wheeler. HiLARious! I love adding funny books to the mix.

As far as not spending money, I've been trying to stay really old school, low tech for halloween costumes. We may be using construction paper and garbage bags this year. And they are so excited about it!

Sheila @E2gather said...

I love me some Charlie Brown.

Amanda said...

I've been strolling 31 days links and I'm LOVING this! :) My grandma was a librarian and I was basically raised in a public library (and then spent most of my adult life in an academic one, ha). It's my happy place!

Brunella Z. said...

un post meraviglioso Michele.

Brunella Z. said...

comment n.2 dear Michele this post have remind me past years ago.
i write a post about this spot and i link your beautiful blog.
Excuse me for mistakes :)

Michele said...

Hi Shelly - I just put Turk and Runt on hold at our library, thank you for the recommendation! Love humor. Hope you'll be posting your costumes this year, would love to see them!

Hi Sheila - love them, look forward to them every year.

Hi Amanda, so happy you found me! And thrilled that you left a message so I could find you, too. Love your blog!

Oh, Brunella - you inspire me. I will be adding your beautiful words in an upcoming post very soon.

xoxo michele