Friday, October 7, 2011

31 Days of Library Living {Day 07}: The Library As A Party Planner

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I have blogged for seven days! In a row! And my family is still talking to me! This calls for a celebration. Friday nights in the fall are made for family and friends around the fire pit. Borrow some beauty from your local library and bring the party to life ~ they are like the fancy-schmancy party planners, minus the bill.  

My blog has turned three months old. Your warm welcome into the blissful land of blogdom has been extraordinary. Thank you.

This 31 Days series began here. Hope you will follow me to the library for the entire month, but I'd be honored if you'd follow me on this blog forever. Subscribe in reader or by email - it is fast, easy and free!

Feel Joyful - Visit the Library.

xoxo Michele 


Jill said...

I am planning a baby shower for a friend in January. I bet I will finds all kinds of wonderful resources when I go take a look.

Michele said...

Yes! I will be at our library later today and check out that section ~ be happy to let you know what I find.

The planning a wedding books section is divine - plan on posting those next week.

My fave? The knitting for baby books. Do I knit? Not really. But still love checking out the books.

xoxo michele

Perfect Imperfections by Jeanne said...

Thanks for the reminders of all the great things we can find at the library. And happy 3 months!

Shelley. said...

Happy 3 months! Your love for the library is totally inspiring. And fun too. =)