Friday, September 9, 2011

Time To Walk The Walk

The word alone sounds like torture to me. 
I'm just being honest here - 
Exercise and I dated once and he was
mean and cruel and called me four letter words
like lazy and baby. 
I prefer four letter words like
cake and coke and read and book.

Carl and I. Dating. 1997.

But I enjoy pilates. And yoga. At home. I like the
meditation music (so does my smoochie hubby). And the
cookbook is sensational. Harper's has outdone themselves
with this stylish read. Fabulously simple ideas can be found in here.
Carl and I this summer. Married with Children. 2011.

Sweet Library, did I just post these pictures of myself?
Just in time for the 2nd Annual Rock & Read 5K to benefit
the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. Please join us 
tomorrow morning for a fantastic family event:
5K Run/Walk
1 Mile Fun Run
Kid's Dash
There will be music, food and drinks. 
For more information, click here.

If you can't participate but would like to donate, click here.

A great way to give back to ourselves and pay it forward 
for the future generations of library lovers.
Just like Ben Franklin. 
Hmm. Possibly I'm on his diet.

xoxo Michele   


Lula said...

so this post I can actually recommend "stress less, weigh less" great book with techniques to relax, breath, exercise and diet!

{darlene} said...

just do it. THAT is where I fall short. Oh, my!