Thursday, September 8, 2011

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month

September is Library Card Sign-up Month

Just click here to be transported to the library!

Oh, Cal. I still remember watching you play ball when
Carl and I attended one of your games in 1997
at Oriole Park in Camden Yards.
I could see all your blue-eyed smoochie goodness from our seats.

The library has a vast selection of Cal Ripken Jr. books,
even a movie by Ken Burns that features CRJ.
Here are a few of our faves:

Get In The Game is a great read aloud for my 11 year old son and hubby. Highly recommended.
Our entire family loves the movie.
Nick enjoyed Hothead. And if your children are playing sports, watch The Ripken Way.

Surprise your hubby by bringing him on a date to the library today.
Take the entire family. When our youngest was able to
get his own library card, he was dancing as he put it in his wallet.

Do you remember getting your first library card? 

xoxo Michele


theelfqueen said...

Here's my admission -- all of my kids have library cards. But we check EVERYBODY'S stuff out on my card (occasionally my Teen will check things out on his or we'll have more video games than the max and farm them out to the other cards) -- I just find it a lot easier to keep track of what's out and where when the due dates all show up on my account when I log in online.

Anonymous said...

I do remember my first library card. I loved being able to ride my bike to my neighborhood branch and spend as long as I wanted browsing the possibilities.

Michele said...

Elf Queen - we do the same thing. Sometimes I reach my limit and have to put things on my children's cards - just to put them on hold (I am forever putting more than 10 books, music, movies on hold) - and I even reach my 99 limit most months. Crazy, but a good kind of crazy. I love having new books in almost every room of our home. The kids do too.

Shary - those are such special memories. I love watching my kids browse the aisles, looking at all the possibilities. It is a precious thing to share ~ and my hope is the library will be there for them to do the same with their children.

xoxo michele

theelfqueen said...

It's Merrick, by the way.

Michele said...

Thank you, Merrick! Beautiful name!

xoxo michele