Monday, September 12, 2011

How She Does It

Oh, Sarah. How do you do it all? Shouldn't I be super envious
and dislike you because you're so glamorous in your
killer outfits and closets full of shoes and swanky NYC townhouse?
Except you are so, um, likable.

The Family Stone (my personal favorite)

I'm looking forward 
to her new movie hitting theaters this Friday. 

Did you know it's based on this fabulous book?

With all the pressures and questions of life, 
sometimes it's important to take a break with
cherished girlfriends
 ~ in real life and in books & movies ~
and ask, how do you do it?
When the reality of life doesn't measure up
 to your dreams and goals - what then?

Prayer, laughter, the healing love of friends and family. And wine!
Humorous books and movies are a great remedy, too.
I'm pretty sure Sarah Jessica Parker does it the same way we all do.
She gets back up and continues to walk. 
A very happy Christmas with my sweetest sister (in law), niece and daughter. 2005.

Did I mention I love walking to the library?

xoxo Michele


Lula said...

I'm sorry! I am not a fan! :(

Michele said...

don't be sorry, sweet Lula! The idea is the library has something for everyone - not a SJP fan? No worries! They have your faves - and mine - and everyone else's - that is what makes the library so fantastic!

xoxo michele

Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

I loved those movies and I can't wait to see I Don't Know How She Does It! I completely enjoyed that book and even though I'm at home right now, I related to much of this book when I was a younger mom.

Right now I'm embracing a "good enough" philosophy!

Michele said...

Yea, Yvonne! Are you going this weekend? We'll have to compare notes next week. Love your philosophy - think I'm going to copy yours for awhile. Especially when I was looking for photos of me with friends and couldn't find ANY in the past six years ~ I do have friends in real life, honest!

xoxo michele

Susan T. said...

I am a huge fan of the library, too. We get movies from there all the time. My son is loves the James Bond films and can check so many of them out right there at the library.

Michele said...

Yea, Susan!! I have such great memories hanging out on Sunday nights with my cousins watching James Bond movies - might have to pick up a few for our kids now - thank you for the suggestion.

My son just walked in wanting to know why I'm talking about Sex on my blog... oh my - Mom, please forgive me for posting Sex In The City movies!!

xoxo michele